Maintaining your vehicle is not easy. Usually, none of the spare parts come cheap. The bodywork of your car is not any different, so getting protection is crucial for every car owner. When you park your car in some outdoor space, you expose it to all sorts of risks from dust, knocks and scratches to tree sap, rain, snow, animals, and bird waste. Luckily we have just the right solution to all that. This cover is made of Non-Woven thick material, and is designed with elasticated front and rear hems to securely hold the cover in place. Our Outdoor Pro covers guarantee a perfect fit for your car since we consider the exact measurements of the model stated by the manufacturer, i.e Length, Width, Height. In case you have any additions to your car, please indicate them in the order, so the cover is tailored to them. Our covers fit-to-size and shape and will protect your car from the undesirable weather conditions and dust in a classy and comfortable way.

  •  Protects car’s paintwork against rain, snow, dust, ice, birds, tree sap, knocks, birds and scratches

  •  Has elasticated front and rear hems to hold the cover in position securely

  •  Tailored to fit your car make and model

  •  Comes with a 1-year warranty

  •  Easily washable

  •  It's dustproof, waterproof, sunproof and rainproof to prevent wear and tear over time

  •  Comes with a PRO gift pack

  •  Thick and durable material insures maximum protection against all sorts of conditions.

  •  Comes with a storage bag