The UK benefits from some of the toughest roadworthiness tests there are. But it can be tempting to think of the annual MOT test as nothing short of an inconvenience – and the wait for a verdict as a time to imagine big bills. However the upshot of MOTs (when undertaken thoroughly) is complete peace of mind that you and your passengers travel in a vehicle safe to be on the roads.

We want to pass your car’s MOT


We don’t aim to fail your vehicle, where we can pass it and provide the advice you need, we will do. We provide you with the benefit of the doubt – after all, you’re trusted to be on the roads, why wouldn’t we presume that you’ll take our safety advice seriously?

We’re one of the longest standing MOT centres in Bromley…(and much further beyond)


Our MOT centre was established in 1960 as one of the very first MOT centres in the UK – we may even be one of the only original such centres to still be operating today. We believe that this speaks for itself, as to the way in which we treat our valued customers.

The MOT ‘Discount’ Myth

There are garages who offer cut-to-the-bone MOT rates – prices that seem too good to be true, and normally are. We provide an MOT discount when booking online – we offer this as this saves us money in administration time – which we then pass on to you.
Now, we’re going to tell you something:

We aren’t the cheapest MOT Testing Station in Bromley. Why?

Cheaper, can mean inflated prices for the repairs that your vehicle may need.

We value our integrity, we don’t believe in loss leaders nor insisting that you use us for your MOT repairs. As long as you book back in with our team within 10 days of your test, we’ll re-test, for free. We offer the assurance of fairness. It’s as simple (and as fair) as that.

Cheapest, may also mean the thoroughness of your MOT is compromised for price.

We take this seriously, it’s your safety. We take the time to inspect your MOT fully and thoroughly.