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Vehicles may have changed beyond recognition since the first manual was created in the mid-1960s, but the same painstakingly detailed approach to producing accurate and trustworthy repair advice has not. Each car, truck and motorcycle is stripped down and rebuilt, capturing every important step-by-step task along the way.


DIY friendly techniques and tools have enabled millions of people to safely and successfully maintain and repair their vehicle.


A common question of today’s cars and trucks is whether they have become too complex for home mechanics. In actual fact, most tasks are easier than they have ever been, with only advanced electronic systems being “out of reach”.

HaynesPro’s full set of automotive technical data, which includes vehicle identification, maintenance data, repair times, repair manuals, electronics diagnostics (VESA), service bulletins and known fixes, is fully integrated inside the WM/TROST REPDOC catalogue. The integration of technical data inside the REPDOC catalogue, allows the workshops, to accurately identify, maintain, diagnose and repair, all popular vehicle brands available in the European market.


By providing data integrated in an on-line catalogue, workshops can easily create a maintenance or repair quote for a specific vehicle and simply order the parts needed with a simple mouse-click.

Optimizing the quotation and parts ordering process with integrated data not only facilitates the sale of parts but also helps to reduce costs of faulty ordered parts, resulting in significant cost saving for the parts distributor through reduction of shipments costs and revalidation and restocking costs. Providing the workshop a “one-stop-shop” solution where the technical data is fully integrated, allows WM/TROST to create significant added value for the workshop, resulting in increased customer loyalty and higher recurring revenues.

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