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The answer is always yes when you get an invite to drive two McLaren supercars back-to-back


I’m in love again. It’s a miracle. I felt certain it would never happen. I was convinced I was a goner.


I couldn’t help but whistle aloud when I looked at the spec sheet for the new Ford Kuga ST-Line X Edition 


Head-turning and imposing, it’s large, powerful, very quick, and it emits some of the most beautiful exhaust notes on the road. 


Driving into and across the city in the Audi Q2 compact SUV, the sun was rising over Glasgow.


The flagship of the ICE-powered model range, the Škoda Superb has long been considered the ‘gold standard


As good as it looks? The Mazda3, a mid-size saloon, or sedan, as they call it.


Powering over a ploughed field, fording a small stream, tackling a tight woodland track, the Ineos Grenadier hardly seemed to...


Difficult choice isn’t it?. You’re prepared to go more than £40K for a big family SUV. Kia Sorento? Yes, it could well be.


“Shhhh…he can hear what we’re saying!” whispered my two back seat passengers. I sure could…the Audi A5 Coupé was so quiet.


The Suzuki Across, a rapid and spacious plug-in hybrid SUV costing twice as much as the marque’s next-most-expensive model.


Yes, Genesis is a British band, but it’s also a new car brand to the UK. The posh arm of Hyundai has now launched two models


“Now you just stay there,” my wife affectionately admonished the new Honda e…


Ford’s first compact SUV with the added ST treatment, the Puma ST, delivers plenty in the performance department. 


It was probably not how Genesis bosses planned to bring Europe’s attention to their new brand.


A standard Kia Ceed will do absolutely everything you want it to do and more, with the backing of Kia’s seven-year warranty


The Jazz is like a transport Tardis, thanks to its nifty Magic Seats, which can hold three passengers in the back...


Twenty-one adults in a Honda Jazz! Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.


Actually, the colour of the car that came to us on loan recently wasn’t nearly so off-putting as that description


The electric Fiat 500 could hardly be easier to drive.


Suzukis are always admirable. Superbly engineered and constructed, and they have a terrific customer satisfaction record


 It doesn’t feel possible that a fifth of a century has fled away since that unforgettable moment when a Škoda Octavia vRS...


The sort of car that road testers love, even if they won’t necessarily admit it. A small, agile car with a low-displacement motor


Well, how about this!? – A sizeable and very sporting family saloon that’s £10k cheaper than all those ‘premium’ marques


Humans at BMW have put a certain amount of A.I. into their new iX and i4 EVs. Don’t be concerned…yet. 


As a young journalist, the Kia Stinger GT-S was ‘forbidden’ until I hit the minimum age restriction, such is the way with insurance 


Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin to try…but, bear in mind that this is a car that costs £120,000, give or take…


Like every motoring writer, I have to pore over lists of cars that have appeared in the previous 12 months 


The Kia EV6 proves that electric cars are just getting better and better; still, a pity the UK’s charging infrastructure isn’t keeping up!


A busy week ahead of me, I was looking forward to sinking my teeth into the Kia ProCeed GT-Line.


Apparently, in this case, Škoda has turned for inspiration to Irish Gaelic, where the word “Enya” means source or essence of life. 


The Qashqai makes for an attractive upgrade into the massively crowded SUV/crossover market. 


 I can’t think of any ‘normal’ scenarios of moving large furniture items that would require more luggage capacity


To be lent one terrific Mazda may be regarded as good fortune; to borrow two in succession might look like tearing the arse out of it 


What, no grab-handles?! And that is, for me, the only slight smudge on the All-New Vauxhall Mokka.


The standard Puma is already a seriously good-looking piece of kit; the ST’s bodykit – with revised styling front and rear