As the pioneers of engine management tuning for enthusiastic drivers, Superchips is best known for reprogramming Engine Control Units (ECUs) for the performance automotive aftermarket sector. Since Superchips was established it has optimised the performance of half a million vehicles globally, including 150,000 in the UK.

Today, Superchips caters for more than 3,700 road car applications across normally aspirated (non-turbo) petrol, turbocharged petrol and turbo diesel formats and has built an unrivalled market leading position. Indeed, the company’s name is so synonymous with ECU remapping that cars are often referred to as having been ‘Superchipped.’

Superchips performance ECU remaps are offered through a network of more than 100 of the UK’s leading tuning companies and a network of worldwide fitting centres. All of our fitting centre technicians are fully trained by Superchips’ experts at our headquarters in Buckingham, ensuring that product quality is guaranteed. In addition, we offer a lifetime guarantee for our Superchips and a supplementary car warranty to customers, for complete peace-of-mind.

Given the huge variety in driving styles, fuel quality and servicing schedules, car manufacturers exercise extreme caution with the original ECU settings to avoid potential damage through neglect and abuse. This cautious approach results in performance compromises which Superchips technicians can safely by rewriting the ECU settings with a revised map featuring performance optimised settings.

By eliminating the compromises Superchips is able to liberate significant amounts of extra power, driveability, response and potentially, fuel economy. This can transform the driving enjoyment a car delivers, at a highly competitive price.

In broad terms a Superchip can release up to 10% extra power and torque on a non-turbo petrol car, 25% on a turbocharged petrol car and an impressive 30% on today’s popular turbo diesel models. But it’s not just about power, because a Superchips map can also increase your car’s fuel efficiency – in some instances by up to 8% – so fitting a Superchip can make financial sense too!