Author:  Maggie Barry - 02 March 2022

The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake is something special

Deadline 2020 – No more petrol and diesel…so there’s plenty of time to try out the new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake


This is the sister car to the GV80 and GV70 SUVs and the G80 and G70 saloons – and predictably Genesis have left the best till last. The brand has just claimed its second major award win in the UK taking the Best Estate Car at the 2022 UK Car of the Year Awards.

The newly created brand is the premium marque of Hyundai and already has outlets across the rest of the world.

Now it has been launched in Europe and this shooting brake has been developed specifically for the European market. Apparently, we, like no one else, appreciate the merits of such a car.

And certainly, this car has all the charm and elegance we associate with the shooting brake while bringing it right up into the 21st century.

The body, for example, is just beautiful. It stretches out from the deep grille up across the sleek roof until it finishes in the most wonderful shape at the rear. This is not an estate car, it is more like the legendary rear-wheel drive Grand Coupes of motoring’s golden age.

Coming up behind one on the motorway, I blinked twice before I realised that here was the self-same car I was driving with its dual exhaust pipes at each side of the low slung body.

Mine was in Cavendish Red but the one next to me was in Bond Silver, a fantastic matte colour, that suits the character and refinement of this car so well.

Interiors are just as carefully appointed too. My Cavendish Red with its diesel engine (yes, 2.2-litre diesel) had Obsidian Black quilted leather seats stitched with red leather.

The next day when I drove the Bond Silver 2.0-litre petrol version the interior was just as plush in creams and coffees.

Naturally, being the kind of car it is means that there is an enormous boot 465-litres rising to 1535-litres with the seats down.

I wager this car would even tempt the diehards away from their electric vehicles – but even better, there will be electric versions of this car coming down the pipeline.

In the meantime, getting behind the wheel is just a piece of magic.

Switch on the engine for the soundtrack of a car that just aches be driven (and even the sound can be augmented).

There are four driving modes Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport+ for track days. The car switches easily between them and leaps forward at the merest touch of the throttle. The diesel delivers 200PS and will reach 60mph in 7.7s with a top speed of 140mph, the normal 2.0-litre petrol delivers 197PS with a maximum speed of 135mph and takes 9.3s to get to 60mph while the higher tuned petrol gives you 245PS with a top speed of 146mph and a 0-60 figure of 6.4s.

There is a 10.25-inch colour touchscreen with the nav mirrored in what is an excellent Head-Up Display in front of the driver. This is one of the best HUDs I have ever used – all the information is in front of you, where to go, when to turn and exactly what the speed limit is.

There is also the option of an upgraded Harman Kardon sound system which is worth every penny if you love your in-car music. This is the car for the long journey, for the road ahead as it stretches out in front of you and it is packed full of driver aids and safety systems to make sure you get there.

The diesel will give you just over 40mpg with up to 182g/km of CO2 while the lower-powered petrol is around 32mpg with 193- 203g/km of CO2. Its higher tuned sister offers roughly the same mileage but lower emissions.

There are three trim levels Premium, Luxury and Sport Line all with the Genesis great warranty of five years and unlimited mileage.

The best bit by far though is the price. This luxurious and high performing car starts at £35,250 for the entry-level petrol and goes up to £41,880 for the top-of-the-range petrol in Sport Line with the diesel somewhere in between.

I had heard a whisper that the Genesis G70 was something special but this car is so much more than that.

Author Rating 4/5

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